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Smugglers Notch is a narrow mountain pass between Stowe and Jeffersonville VT

The most beautiful rides in Vermont


Ride Ratings & Descriptions for our Vermont Bicycle Tours


The continuously rolling terrain in the tour areas can make some rides feel more challenging than the mileage may suggest. The Island rides have much fewer rollers and inclines, however, still expect some, as we say, “Vermont ain’t flat!” This ratings chart and associated terms provides the cyclist an expectation of each specific ride. Keep in mind any ride can be shortened if needed.

(easy to extremely challenging)

Vertical          Rating      Description
800-1000           R1                 Rollers with very short sections of 3-6%
1000-1200         R2                Rollers with short sections of 4-9%
1200-1400         R3                1/2  mile climbs of 8-10%
1400-1600         R4                1-2 mile climbs of 9-11%

1600-2000        R5                1-2 mile climbs of 9-11% with spots of 12-18%

Vertical = the amount of elevation gained in the total ride

Vermont Countryside Tours

The three Countryside rides listed begin on one side of The Notch with low traffic, spectacular scenery and provides true quintessential Vermont.

Open Countryside Ride

The Open Countryside ride is mostly rollers with beautiful fields, farms and fabulous mountains views. 24 miles R2 After returning head up towards the Notch 30-34 miles R2

Two Covered Bridges Ride

The Two Covered Bridges ride becomes more challenging into the ride and is a test for possible Notch climb. 23 miles R2  Return by Lamoille River. 33 miles R2 Continue towards  Pond. 33 miles R3 Complete circle through Eden. 42 miles R3

Mountain View  Ride​

The Mountain View  ride is one of the most beautiful countryside rides and is quintessential Vermont. The view returning is one of the most spectacular mountain views Vermont has to offer!  21 miles R2 Continue north or  east . 33-39 miles R2

Climbing The Notch could be added on for 37 miles R4

IMG_0181 (3)
 Lake Champlain Island Tours

 All three rides on the Islands are riding next to the water most of the time. 

Drawbridge Ride

The Drawbridge ride is next to the lake most of the time with gorgeous views of the Green Mountains and Adirondacks  Some people say it’s the best ride in the Islands. 24 miles R1 W. Shore 28 miles R1 Bell Hill 33 miles R1 

North Island Ride

The North Island ride feels like stepping back into time. The highlight of tris ride is unquestionably St Anne’s Shrine established in 1666. Regardless of your religious beliefs these grounds are beautiful, and quite humbling. 24 miles R1 The dunes 27 miles R1

Southern Island Ride

The Southern Island ride  is truly amazing and feels like riding right on the water. The ride also travels past the colorful birdhouse forest (with dinosaurs!) and includes miniature castles  while riding next to the water most of the time! Some people say it’s the best ride in the Islands20 miles R2 Eagle Camp 26 miles R2 Town Line 32 miles R2


Green Mountain Climbing Tours

The Green Mountains have some really challenging climbs and depending on your overall performance and ability we may adjust the climb. 

Middlebury Gap Climb 

Starting from the Bristol Country Store and riding through the valley with the Green Mountains towering over us  on our left warming up for the climb to Middlebury Gap. This is a an 8 mile plus climb which begins with a very short 15% grade, continues along by a stream and up past the Snow Bowl ski area ending with a mile of tough 9-10% grade. 35 miles R4

Appalachian Gap Climb ​

The toughest climb with the East and West Appalachian Gaps. (one or both) Both difficult and average about 8-9% with 14-15% sections. The West Gap has a 4 mile climb prior to the 2.5 section so this is more difficult then the East.   East Gap from Warren 24 miles R5   West Gap from Bristol 32 miles R5

Smugglers Notch Climb ​

Smugglers Notch, my favorite,  from Jeff is 8 miles with the last 3 miles a pretty constient 8-9% although there is a little break of 1-2% before starting the last mile. The last mile continuously gets steeper and to 11% the last 1/4 mile entering The Notch, which is breathtaking!   Jeff side 16-26 miles R5    Stowe side through Moscow 26 miles R5