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Smugglers Notch is a narrow mountain pass between Stowe and Jeffersonville VT

The most beautiful rides in Vermont

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Frequently Asked Questions about Bike Tours in Vermont

  • Where exactly in Vermont are the tour areas?

See the maps on this page below for the three tour area locations.

  • ​Can the sailing cruise be skipped?

The sailing cruise can be left out and price will be adjusted, however, it’s a wonderful experience and certainly recommended!

  • ​Can the tour be shorter?

Yes, details for a shorter tour are noted on the DETAILED INFO & PRICING page.

  • Can the tour start on Monday or Tuesday ending Saturday?

Yes, the tour can be adjusted to accommodate any days of the week, however, it is prefered the check-out is on Sunday. We will work with you on the dates and days for your tour.

  • ​Can mileage be less or more certain days?

Since we have low number of cyclists on a tour we can adjust each day’s mileage, either less or more, when needed.

  • Can Saturday’s sailing cruise be replaced with a ride?

Yes, we can ride on Saturday and take a day off during the week such as Wednesday or Thursday.

  • Can we take a day off Wednesday or Thursday and ride Saturday?

Yes, we can ride on Saturday and take a day off during the week such as Wednesday or Thursday.

  • Can the tour be all on The Islands or all in Countryside?

We will work with you and customize your tour as best as possible, however, not spending more than four days in one area would be recommended.

  • Can the tour be mixed with different combination than shown?

Absolutely, we can mix and match whatever you prefer and work with you to provide the best combination possible.

  • Can Heidi’s Tea Times be no wineries, breweries or distilleries?

Yes, absolutely, we have plenty of options for Heidi’s Tea Time to adjust to your specific needs.


Vermont Bicycle Tour Area Maps

Tours Areas


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Vermont Countryside
Lake Champlain Islands
Green Mountain Climbs

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